How to volunteer to host an experience



We are on the look out for enthusiastic volunteers to provide memorable experiences. People who are willing to spare their time to host experiences and share their interests, passions or expertise.

Are you someone with a unique and exciting skill, perspective or tour to offer? Are you looking to find more enjoyable, flexible and fulfilling ways to support good causes?

Get involved to give back..

Experience Something Different allows you to contribute to charity by doing the things you love. It's flexible in terms of the time commitment required and offers an opportunity to meet new people whilst sharing your skills and interests. If that sounds appealing to you, then please take a minute to register your interest here.

What to do..

Use the form on this page to register your interest. Tell us what kind of experience you'd like to offer, where you are based and what's the best way to contact you.

"It's about giving a little bit back. When a situation comes along, or an opportunity, to use your skills to help somebody, or something you believe in. I'm all over that and I'll make it happen"


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