Our mission

Our aim is to enable and encourage children aged 5 to 16 to be digital creators and support their parents and teachers. We want to inspire all children, whether they’re naturally inclined to learn to code or not, about the things they can make and do with code.

Our vision

We believe that if taught with a focus on creativity, learning to code will not only equip children with the technical skills they need to excel in the future, but will also teach them critical problem solving skills. We encourage children to problem solve and realise their own ideas, helping to prepare them for a rapidly changing world which requires adaptive and innovative thinkers.

Our services

blue{shift} is West London’s premier provider of coding and robotics instruction and teaching and assessment materials. We were started in 2013 with the aim of teaching children aged 5 to 16 a creative approach to coding. We run after-school clubs at a growing roster of schools, workshops and camps. Our courses have looked at everything from designing wearables to 3D printing to creating VR experiences with code.