How to Host a Great Experience – 10 Top Tips

How to Host a Great Experience – 10 Top Tips

It is often the tiny details that people remember more than the overall experience or service they receive. Details that people notice, and that make them feel good about enjoying an experience with you. Here are ten ways to go above and beyond, with the tiny details, to deliver a great experience.


1. Recognition. Greeting people by name is an important detail that adds greatly to their experience with you. Greet them with eye contact, a smile a "Good morning” and don’t forget to use their name.

There is nothing more flattering, there is nothing that makes someone feel more welcome than receiving a warm, friendly greeting by name when they walk in.

2. Genuine. I’m told it’s very easy to spot when people are faking it or pretending to be something they are not. Be yourself. Every one of us has a unique story to tell in our own voice – so try to ensure that your true voice is coming through in the way you deliver your experience.

People are interested in personal perspectives that are authentic. There’s nothing more credible than a passion for a subject that you love, so make sure that shines through.

3. Local. One way to make an experience feel even more special is to ensure that your local knowledge is baked in. What makes this place special? How has the local history, landscape or even produce shaped the experience? Can you use some local ingredients? Is there some research you can do to enhance the stories you can tell with local details?

4. Participation. Listening to someone speak about a topic can be fascinating but there is something much more enjoyable about getting your hands dirty or having a go. Finding ways to let people get involved in your experience to make it even more memorable can make a real difference to their overall enjoyment.

5. Worthwhile. Knowing that you are able to enjoy an experience and do something a bit more worthwhile or fulfilling is a win-win for everyone. Experience Something Different is a place where all of the profits from providing experiences go to charity. Enthusiastic volunteer hosts who are supporting their favourite charity also provide many of the experiences.

6. Personal. Is there anything you can do to ensure the people participating in your experience know that you’ve paid attention to their preferences and catered for them? If you are not certain how they like things then make sure to ask at the beginning or even beforehand.

7. Being Considerate. Do you regularly walk people to the door and open it for them as they're leaving? Many people want to record their experiences to share with friends later – can you help them to take the best photos that capture the experience?

8. Enjoyment. Make them smile, thank them for coming, give them something fun that they can share with family and friends. You don’t have to put on a stand-up comedy routine just help people see things to smile or laugh about in what they are doing.

9. Appreciation. What do you do to show people attending that you appreciate them? Afterall, there may well be several other people that can do what you do. Do you show the people who choose your experience that you value and appreciate their choice? Feeling appreciated is universally meaningful.

10. Attention to Detail. It's the tiny details that keep people coming back over and over, it's the tiny details that keep people talking about you and recommending you. It's the tiny things that differentiate one experience from another and that influence people to choose one over the other. Attentiveness and recognition cost nothing, nor do making things personal or showing some consideration.


Remember the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Meaningful, memorable, unusual and unexpected touches influence the way people perceive their experience. These tiny details are easy to overlook, but add many seemingly minor details together, and you end up with something special.

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  • Steve Purnell